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Do You Have the Best System for Making Insurance Calls?

Insurance sales agents who succeed long term have developed a system for scheduling insurance calls. Insurance sales careers are attractive because of generous commission structures and residual commissions. Many agents pay a premium for insurance leads from online lead generation websites. With experience comes the knowledge of exactly how many insurance sales calls will result in sales.

The first things a new insurance agent needs is:

1. Product knowledge and 
2. The mechanics of how to conduct a successful sales call.

The sales process can be broken down into steps. Understand your client's needs first and foremost. Ask a lot of questions about their goals, concerns, and needs. Next, address those needs specifically, and close. Address objections and close again.

Identify each step of the sales process so you can correct errors if a sale does not close. If you know what parts of the sales call give you trouble you can prepare differently for the next sales call and steadily improve your closing ratio.

Agents who are new to a career in sales and insurance sales specifically are frequently alarmed to discover they have a fear of making cold calls. Not making systematic cold calls can destroy any sales career. Initially, to save money it makes sense to complete your own sales calls. There's relief available to erase call reluctance completely.

Smart Sales Managers provide training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to dissolve discomfort associated with making insurance calls. The use of (EFT) is central to your success if you find you have a love/hate relationship with cold calling new prospects. EFT is emotional acupuncture. It's an energy therapy that combines thoughtful focus with a series of tapping sequences on multiple body points. The EFT process miraculously dissolves feelings we wish to change.

With EFT one does not need to identify the origin of their trauma or discomfort, however they do need to identify a feeling or idea upsetting their performance. EFT is emotional self-care. We grow up making conclusions that may not be true. Some people fear failure, some fear success. If you have feelings that conflict with tasks your job demands those feelings can dissolve. You've got the power to place supportive feelings and ideas where negatives once held you back.

EFT is easy to learn and produces instant results in many cases. It's been used by healing practices for twenty years. Millions of people have benefited and now it's time to use EFT to address everyday challenges.

Insurance calls are a task. Much like walking the dog or emptying the dishwasher. Insurance calling can be boring so schedule the time to make your calls and get comfortable completing those calls. The secret to cold calling once unwanted anxiety is dissolved is to make those calls quickly. Don't take all day. Don't allow more than five seconds to elapse between calls. Keep it mindless. I read a sales training book years ago that talked about a top producing insurance agent. He would sit down to make 100 or more calls until he had his week fully booked with in-person meetings.

His system seemed horrid to me as a novice sales person. Every time someone answered the phone he would say, "You don't want to buy insurance, do you?" No introduction, no small talk. His only goal was to schedule appointments and he did this consistently all the way to the bank. Invariably people would say, "Hey wait a minute, I do want to buy insurance!" Customers were surprised by his direct approach. The result? Going into each appointment, this agent knew his prospect was open to buy insurance! This man made millions.

If insurance calling is part of the routine that will make your dreams come true then figure out how many cold calls create the number of face-to-face appointments you need each week. Next, use EFT daily until you've erased all feelings of discomfort associated with sales calls. If new fears or thoughts emerge that create self-doubt or threaten to derail your success, tap them away! If rejection feels personal, EFT can change your response. If you're a shy person, EFT will help. EFT can erase any feeling or idea that sabotages your success.

Develop a script that reflects your style. Use EFT to make Insurance calling easy, and fun! Insurance sales is a great career. If you feel like you've got to motivate yourself to go our and do battle with the world something's wrong. Insurance calls are key to an agent's success. Learn the sales process, know your products, use EFT, and watch your confidence and sales numbers skyrocket!

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