Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

3 Ways to Get Free Insurance Leads

Are you on the lookout for insurance sales leads? Here's the deal: sales leads need not cost you a fortune, since there are free ones out there today that can help your grow your company through converting sales leads into customers. By tapping new and stagnant lead sources - and spotting the best ones through lead validation - you will be able to take your business to greater heights.

Here are three simple, almost-cost-free steps to start bringing in more insurance leads to your database:

Use free classified ads. This generation tool is a rich vat of free insurance sales leads. When writing up your ad, be sure to include your email address, phone contact, and website that links back to your insurance site. Establish that people can get more free and detailed information when they reply with their contact information. An easy and fuss-free way to automatically generate leads, right?

Use insurance message boards to your advantage. Don't hesitate to visit these message boards that are relevant to the kind of sales leads you want to find and take hold of. Post ads with a link to your site. Capture users' interest by discussing a specific promo or discount that your business is having for a limited time only, and noting that they will need to email you their contact information in order to learn more about the said promo or discount. A chance to get a good discount on an insurance product is an attractive way for these individuals to contact you.

Join sales leads companies. Once you sign up to these companies, you are typically given free leads as a trial. These may not be an aggressive lot, but you will get a few to start with. If they happen to convert and make money for you, you may want to consider purchasing leads from the said company. If they don't, though, check out other potential ways to obtain good, revenue-generating leads.
Your insurance leads, however, are only as good as their quality. The integration of a lead validation tool provides you the tools to automatically and immediately verify lead accuracy with point-of-entry validation. A lead verification service allows you to do "lead scrubbing" before establishing contact, therefore saving you time and money by filtering out bad leads, preventing fraudulent transaction, and improving customer conversion rates.

Lead verification also maximizes lead currency by streamlining validation, improves marketing statistics by incorporating lead quality, and converts more leads with correct and enhanced data.

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